Sticker Printing Post-IT

At Outsource Printing, one of the fastest growing areas is printing stickers and printing post-its. A great marketing tool for all business, stickers and post-its are cheap to print and can have a great impact.

Sticker Products we offer include


Gloss or Matt paper sticker is our most popular product. They are cheaper and mainly used for indoor events but can be used outdoor for a short period of time.

White Vinyl

White vinyl is water proof so it they are often used for things like fridges, plastic bottles, wine bottles and various product packaging. Vinyl can be also exposed to chemicals and heat.

Silver Vinyl

Silver vinyl is a premium stock and is specially designed for heat absorption or as industrial stickers. It is usually used for the products such as computer hardware, machine, microwave, inventory, and so on. It is thin and shiny, so if you desire to have a stylish or premium look, Outsource Printing strongly recommends silver vinyl.

Clear Vinyl

Clear vinyl is also known as transparent sticker. It has semi-gloss feel. These are water proof and UV resistant and can be used outdoors. White colour isn’t normally available on clear , however, we can produce white colour on clear labels, through our specialised printing process.

PVC Vinyl

PVC vinyl is a strong water proof material and much thicker stock than our normal white vinyl.


Bumper are printed on quality stock and are available as gloss or as matt finish. Our bumper stickers are UV resistant and water proof . This treatment means we offer a 2 year guarantee on outdoor use.

Gold & Silver Stickers / Foil

Gold and Silver are mainly used in business or as business labels. Silver and Gold have a sophisticated and stylish look and are the best way to add class to your product and events. At Outsource Printing we also offer a raised finish. These are perfect for special events, for example certificates in education, wedding invitations.

3D / Dome

A Dome Sticker is also known as “3D sticker”. These have a 3D bubble effect that gives them a raised effect. They are great as promotional decals, or in commercial use.


Embossed are printed on either Silver or Gold Paper Stock. These are the perfect choice in education, certificates or awards. Embossed is also a popular choice n wedding invitations.


Holograms provide a unique and attractive complement to packaging and products. Research shows that consumers perceive a higher value for products with hologram stickers. They are normally used on documents, as authenticity stickers, for collectibles, ID Card and as useful to safeguard assets.

Window / Reversed

Window stickers can be stuck inside of a window and are also known as “Reversed . At Outsource Printing we can be print these as both single side or double side .

Static Cling

Static Cling are re-usable on surfaces and are great for windows, glass, mirrors, fridges, and whiteboards. Because they use static cling stickers, they stick without using adhesive and won’t leave any marks on surfaces when removed. They are also easily re-positioned to anywhere you want.

Post-It Notes

At Outsource Printing we offer post-it printing or sticky note printing in a whole range of colours, shapes and sizes. We can print them with your company logo and message and they are great as give aways at trade promotions, or as an alternative to with compliment slips.

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