Creating Promotional Material–From Concept to Letterbox

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Effective promotional materials can massively boost your brand awareness, helping to create a lot of interest in your product or service. From capturing the attention of the reader, hooking their interest, and propelling them into action, great promotional materials will lead the customer straight to your store.

What Your Promotional Materials Should Do

Visibility, aesthetic appeal, and useful content will go a long way attracting and sustaining the reader’s interest. Attractive graphics and layout are essential, and unless you have a design background, use a professional graphic designer for best results. For graphic design Sydney may offer a variety of choices, but you look seek out a designer who can provide value for money and communicate the message you want.

  • Attention. The layout and design should capture the attention of the reader, encouraging them to read on rather than discard the flyer or brochure.
  • Communicate Value. Once you’ve captured their attention, you need to immediately demonstrate how you can provide value. What are you offering? What’s the price? Why should they be interested and what benefit will it provide?
  • Conviction. The reader should be left with the impression that your business is credible, that this deal is of value to them, and that they want to take it further.

Boosting Recall and Recognition

The typical reader will give promotional materials a few moments of their time, or scan a poster quickly. In these brief moments, you’ll need to make sure you’ve impacted potential customers in a real way. Visual cues, such as labels, graphics, and the use of colours, will capture attention. Headlines and good selling points should be laid out clearly. Using professional design and flyer printing and services helps you create the right impression and maximise your impact.

  • Logos. Make use of business logos and slogans to enhance recall.
  • Layout. Layout your flyers in a reader-friendly way. Break blocks of text into smaller and more manageable portions. Intersperse text with graphics, banners quotes, testimonials, or interesting statistics.
  • Promotions. Include discount codes, coupons, and specials to encourage customers to hold on to your flyer or brochure.

Establishing Credibility

Don’t just assert it, tell the reader why your product or service is credible. While readers will immediately know well-known companies and brands by reputation, never take it for granted that the reader will go to your website and check your credentials or your client testimonials. You should be selling yourself right now.

  • Statistics. Provide statistics where appropriate. Break these up into readable sentences throughout your materials. Career milestones or sales volumes demonstrate that you have a proven track record.
  • Testimonials. Make liberal use of testimonials and quotes from happy clients. Photos and real names add extra credibility.
  • Photos and Case Studies. Let them see the good or service in action. Provide photos of the product or include a short case study to illustrate how it works.

Saying What You Need to Say

It’s a good idea never to clutter your promotional materials with excessive buzz words or detail. Keep it simple, readable, and always provide enough information about the product or service to generate interest.

  • Give all the necessary details. If it’s an event, provide date, time, and place. For products, let the reader know its capacity, functions, and dimensions. If you’re a service business, when are you open and what’s your place of business?
  • Cross promote your other products. Briefly list your entire product or service range to appeal to a greater audience.

Ending with a Call to Action

Always end with a call to action. It can be a brief statement to contact you, or for example, an offer of a special discount for the first 100 buyers.

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