3 Novel Marketing Ideas You May Not Have Considered

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While traditional marketing techniques (television, radio, newspapers, internet) help you gain wide exposure to a potential customer base, there are other ways to keep expanding your leads through more specialised, direct, and local strategies. These three novel marketing ideas are interesting, fun, and low-cost.

1. Hold Brown Bag Lunches

Brown bag lunches or seminars are short training or information sessions made during a lunch break – hence the name. The ‘brown bag’ in the name refers to the meals brought by the attendees or those provided by the host, which are sometimes literally passed

to those attending in brown paper bags. A good idea is to include professional flyers or brochures, preferably by professional flyer printing services, so that people are more likely to retain information about your product or service and know exactly how to contact you.

Brown bag lunches are very commonly used by businesses or universities to provide general training knowledge or information.


  • Brown bag lunches tend to be short in duration, running for an hour or so, or two hours at the most. Brief information sessions mean people are more likely to stay interested and be more willing to attend.
  • Gives you an opportunity to personally connect with potential clients.
  • With an interactive style seminar, you can also get information and feedback from prospective clients.

Close alternatives to brown paper seminars:

  • Traditional seminars – tend to be longer and more formal; some are paid.
  • Presentations – call up schools, professional training bodies, or any kind of industry association and club for opportunities to make informative presentations to your target audience.
  • Teaching sessions – offer yourself for free teaching or coaching sessions. These can help you build solid client and business networks.

No matter what your product or service, there’s some knowledge or skill you can pass on to potential clients to help them get more out of it.

2. Donate Your Product or Service to a Silent Auction

People love the idea of community service or giving back to charitable causes. You can hold a silent auction or a bid and pledge to donate the proceeds to an affiliate or partner.


  • Connect with the charity first and ask for their permission to use their image or logo on your auction promotional materials.
  • Make sure you publicise and generate sufficient interest in the auction before the bidding period begins.
  • Hold the auction on a well known forum or through your own website.
  • Allow a good bid period – if your auction period is too short, you might miss out on higher bid amounts.
  • Make sure the bid amounts are public as this generates interest. However, allowing people the option to submit anonymously (withholding names, contact details, and so on) can encourage more bidding.

Close alternatives to silent auctions:

  • Holding a competition – getting people to submit, for example, new product ideas, or reasons why they love your product or service.

3. Create an Award

Some companies rely heavily on seals of approval for their marketing (e.g. ‘the most liveable cities’ or ‘the most beautiful people’). You can create an award or a seal of approval for an achievement that’s related to your product or service.

You can build up the idea of the award by:

  • Creating visual cues – a specific logo or graphic design that acts as the ‘stamp of approval’. Using graphic design services ensures that it looks professional and appealing.
  • Establishing credibility – explain your award or seal of approval by outlining the research or decision process.
  • Creating an actual award presentation event to give the award to the winner.

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