The Importance of a Good Business Logo

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Humans are naturally visual creatures and perhaps that’s why a good business logo is so important for any company. An effective business logo not only helps people retain your brand, it communicates what you want to impress upon prospective clients and business partners in a single glance. As graphic design is a specialised area, using professional graphic design services is the best way to create an impressive and appealing business logo for your company.

Elements of a Logo

There are three elements to most logos:

  • Logotype – this is where the name of your business is set into a particular typeface or font and laid out in a specific way within the logo
  • Icon – this is the actual part of the logo that most people term as being logo. It’s the symbolic element in the logo.
  • Slogan – this is the description or catchcry of the company – such as Nike’s ‘Just Do It’. Not all business logos incorporate this element.

An experienced logo designer will make sure your logo can be blown up or minimised and still retain its effectiveness.

Consumer Recognition

The function of a business logo is to provide instant consumer recognition:

  • You usually need to provide your business logo or have one designed when you’re having poster or flyer printing done.
  • It goes on your products, stationery, packaging, website, and signs.
  • Well designed business logos can transcend cultural and language barriers and be used in any country in any context. For this reason, if you’re planning on doing business in an international context, it’s advisable to make sure your logo isn’t offensive in another culture.


  • A professional looking business logo provides anything it goes on (promotional materials, products, or communications) with instant credibility.
  • It affirms to the client that this communication or product came from your company and that you’re a professional service.
  • Logos can represent consistency, security, and legitimacy to consumers.
  • Even if they’ve never heard of your business before, it creates an immediate impression that says you’re a real business, and that you’re accountable for your service or product.
  • This may happen on an unconscious level for the reader. It can strongly impact their perception about your business as a legitimate enterprise.


  • Most companies prefer a clean and professional logo that will appeal to absolutely everyone. Even if your logo isn’t filled with so-called ‘personality’ or a very distinctive style, it’s still communicating something about your brand to the consumer through instant visual cues.
  • A good logo can communicate to the customer that you’re unique in your field.

Brand and Reputation

An effective business logo can boost your brand recognition by being clear and recognisable to the customer. For this reason, it should be sufficiently unique and not similar to other well known logos.

No consumer specifically makes an effort to remember names or particular products, but if you have a recognisable visual cue that makes use of clear shapes and colours, you can maximise all the advertising and marketing exposure that you have and help customers associate all your different products with the same brand.  

Characteristics of a Good Logo

  • At a general level, it’s ideal to keep logos simple and avoid incorporating photography, over decoration or too many colours in your logo.
  • Good logos are ‘intuitive’; they can communicate the same idea to everyone through graphical representations.
  • Good logos are designed to last for at least the medium or long term. Once in a while you may want to update your logo, but because recognition is a major reason why businesses like to use logos, choose a logo that you can see your company using for the longer term.

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