Sending Artwork

Setting up and sending large files


If you are submitting your artwork via our online form, then you can attach files to 2MB and upload it via the form.


If you are sending a file via email we prefer if you could limit attachments to files up to 10MB.

Online Tools

If you are unable to email large files from your office, you can use a site like YouSendIt or for files up to 200MB use We also accept files via DropBox and you can get extra Dropbox space if you sign up using this link. We also accept files via


We have our own FTP server where you can upload files, just contact us for details and we will setup an account and password.

In person

We are happy to take files in person, just contact us.


At Outsource we take pride in our work and we check all jobs thoroughly. However, we do rely on our clients to proof all work. We will not change any details without your permission. So please take your time and use this proofing checklist.

  • All spelling and grammar is correct.
  • All punctuation is correct.
  • Font size is readable (if proofing a PDF print a test page at 100% print size).
  • Alignment and spacing is correct.
  • Images and photos are acceptable resolution.
  • Contact details including email/phone are correct.


If you are printing regular CMYK (without using Pantone/PMS colours), then we cannot guarantee exact colour matching your computer monitor. Monitors use an illuminated RGB display where printing is CMYK based and of course paper is not backlit, so shades of colours will be slightly different. If you want a better idea of colour representation for proofing, please discuss this with us we can arrange a printed proof.


At Outsource our #1 priority is making your print job look perfect. This means we will check your graphics and artwork is print ready. If artwork is not setup correctly and we need to work with several files or add bleeds or make any changes to prepare for print, then we will need to charge a setup fee. We will always let you know this in advance, but we can only give you an estimate of time and costs after we see your artwork and check it.

Some of the things we check for include:

  • 3mm bleed each side
  • CMYK unless you are using PMS colours or special finishes
  • PDFs with FONTS OUTLINED. Crop marks are optional as long as there is bleed allowed.
  • If you’re sending JPGs, that they allow for bleed at the correct dimensions and at high resolution (300dpi or more)

Don’t worry if you’re not sure or confused by the above, our Production Manager can solve all of this for you – we’re here to make printing easy. We’re always happy to answer any printing questions.





The following information is really most useful if you are using another designer to prepare do your artwork. If you don’t have a designer, we can help – check out our Outsource Design services.


Ebossing, Spot UV or Foils

Please have the area for the special finish as a solid colour, on a separate page in the PDF, the solid special finish area should not appear on the printed page as well, unless it’s a spot UV or emboss that you are printing under it.

Die Cutting

Die lines should be provided as a separate page in the PDF as a vector line.

PMS Colours

PMS colour printing needs to have the PMS colour setup as a SPOT colour in the PDF.

Scoring / Folding / Hole Punches

Please provide a separate copy of the artwork (that won’t be printed) indicating the position for any scoring, folding or hole punches.


In Offset printing, when you use a lot of BLACK in your artwork, ensure that it does not consist of more than 50%CMY, plus 100%K. If you use 100%CMYK you will oversaturate the page with ink and cause problems with the print run. The richest black in print should be setup as max 50%C, 50%M, 50%Y, 100%K. Alternatively if you use ONLY 100%K and 0% CMY then it wont be more like a charcoal colour.


In Digital printing you will actually get sharper text and better black if you use a black (K) only. This is especially noticable in fine text. Using only black will give you sharper copy in digital compared to a CMYK black.


If sending multi page or multi sided documents, have each page as a separate page in sequential order with bleed on EVERY side of the artwork even if it’s part of a spread, as the sheet the page is printed on depends on how its bound together, and it’s generally not sequential prior to binding.


Don’t worry, at Outsource Printing we are experts in all print jobs – big, small, easy or complicated. If you’re not sure where to begin and need help, contact us and talk with one of our Production Managers. We will explain in plain english what you need to do to have a great results and brilliant printing.

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