Backlit Prints 101

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If you want to get noticed in a large space, backlit prints are the medium to consider for your advertising. Whether it’s shopping malls, bus stops, airports, or any other space with backlighting, backlit prints make your message stand out at all times of the day.

How do backlit prints work?

Backlit prints are printed on transparent or semi-transparent material that give off a “glow” appearance when lit from the back. They are usually large posters for display use only. They are commonly used in malls, hotels, retail shop fronts, coffee places, airports, bus stops, and absolutely anywhere with pedestrians or traffic. Compared with traditional flyer printing, backlit printing can be effective all times of the day in outdoor or indoor environments, which means your poster will be seen by more people.

Where can I use backlit prints?

Backlit prints can be used absolutely anywhere with a backlit display for best effects. Due to their increasing popularity and affordability, backlit print usage is growing. Revolving advertisement displays are available. Some frequently seen places include:

Can I use my own photos and graphics?

You can choose to use your own photos or graphics, or have a designer put together a great looking backlit print for you. For those looking for assistance with graphic design Sydney offers a range of choice, so be sure to find a designer who is knowledgeable about backlit print issues, or better yet, a company that can design and print for you.

How do backlit prints compare to traditional prints?

Backlit printing enhances the look of any poster, giving definition to lines, graphics, and boosting colour. As a result, they tend to generate more attention. Backlit posters have the undeniable benefit of being visible at night, and from a greater distance. For those exploring promotional materials for their advertising strategy, backlit prints are well worth considering as they will help you reach a larger audience regardless of the time of day.

Do you need a huge budget to use backlit prints?

The cost of backlit printing has dropped considerably, making it relatively inexpensive for the value it provides. Backlit prints can be made affordable for all budgets.

What sort of businesses can benefit from using backlit prints?

Any kind of business may benefit from using backlit prints. From food and hospitality to retail stores, backlit prints are not solely the domain of direct promotional materials. They can be used to enhance your store space, highlight products, and improve the aesthetic appeal of your shop.

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