8 Tips for Ultra High Impact Posters

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Designing a high impact poster can make all the difference to your event, product launch, or special occasion. For those interested in capturing interest and attention with ultra high impact posters, read the following essential design tips.

Display Your Logo

If you’re a business, displaying your business logo can boost credibility and recognition. Make sure it’s clearly displayed somewhere on your poster. You may wish to explain your connection to the event or product with a simple introductory phrase along the lines of ‘brought to you by’. When it comes to professional graphic design, Sydney has some organisations which can provide an inclusive range of services from graphic design to printing.

Be Succinct

One fundamental rule about designing high impact posters is to focus your message and be succinct.

  • Consider the key selling point of your event, product, or service.
  • Take time on the words you’ll use on the poster. Phrases and wording can really help sell a product and generate memory recall. Use exciting, snappy, and interesting language rather than clichés.
  • Incorporate testimonials or facts that can help build trust in short phrases where possible. For example, you can include something like ‘first shows already sold out’ or ‘30,000 happy customers around Australia’.
  • The ‘less is more’ rule will apply more often than not on flyers. Be succinct. Keep word count to a minimum.

Catchy and Unique Styling

Using catchy and unique styling allows more people to see your poster. A common way to catch attention is to use a well-known person’s image (be sure to obtain their permission to use their image first). An alternative to do a parody or a spin on some well-known ad or piece of visual art.

Another way to capture attention is to present a mystery or a strange image that requires further inspection to ‘solve’ in the passerby’s mind. These can catch the onlooker’s attention and generate interest in a short period of time.

The Blank Space Rule

Allowing some blank space on your poster can help you avoid clutter. Along with the blank space rule, remember to limit the number of fonts and images you use. The general rule is to make use of only two fonts on each design theme and to avoid putting text too close to the edge of the paper.

Keeping you poster clean and focused facilitates a clear communication of your message. Your target market will be more likely to be receptive rather than confused.

Choosing Colours

While in most cases, colours should complement each other on your flyer, sometimes colour clashes can be effective leverage to generate more attention and interest. Your choice of colours will depend on your design and theme. You can experiment and work by trial and error to find the right colour combination for your poster.

Use the Right Images

Images should feature with headlines in your poster. Graphics can significantly enhance your message, so choose your images and graphics wisely, with the intention to generate maximum impact in mind.

Consider Backlit Prints

Backlit printing can be an excellent way to make your poster stand out night and day. You can also use backlit posters in your office, reception area, or elsewhere to create more vibrant visual imagery. Backlit prints are frequently used for casual dining places, advertisements at bus stops, and other lit areas such as airports and shopping centres.

Good Design Deserves Professional Printing

After all the hard work of designing your poster, you may want to consider using professional printing services. In most cases, professional flyer printing services is the only way to obtain presentable, vibrant, and very high quality posters.

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