6 Ways to Distribute Flyers and Posters

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You’ve carefully planned your event or set up your new business, and the next step is to promote it so that people will know about it. After using flyer printing services to make sure your flyers look professional, you’ll need to distribute the posters to make sure people see them. Here are six useful ways to get your flyers out to your audience.

1. Direct Mail

Direct mail is a very popular and effective way to deliver your message. Like any flyer promotion, direct mail tends to generate interest relatively quickly. You can target the audience to make sure your materials are reaching the correct market segment for the event or product by sending your promotional materials to specific postcodes.

There’s a personal touch to a direct mail strategy that can sometimes be lost in other types of distribution or promotional materials. As you’ll have direct access to the reader, direct mail distribution reduces competition. Your poster won’t be competing with a list of different flyers on the same noticeboard.

2. Local Events

If you’re promoting an event, it’s a good idea to set up distribution portals at similar local events. For example, if your niche is health products, you might want to distribute promotional flyers at a local health food fair or organic market. This reduces the need to conduct extensive research since your targeted market segment is likely to be found at these local events.

3. Popular Hangouts

Based on the same principle as local events, distributing flyers at popular hangouts can be another good way to eliminate the need to research and anticipate the best way to reach your target market segment. Another idea is to approach other businesses (as long as they’re not in direct competition) to display each other’s promotional materials at reception or shopfront.

Distributing or displaying flyers at popular hangouts such as cafes, speciality bookshops, or shopfronts is suitable when you have a specific target market in mind. However, if you want to reach as many different people as possible, use the next tip for reaching people from all market segments.

4. High Traffic Spots

High traffic spots such as busy intersections with lots of pedestrian traffic make good general distribution points. You can reach a broad market and immediately ascertain how many people are interested in your product or service. You can also ensure that people do at least glance at the materials. Obviously this strategy will be limited by how many people you can install at these spots.

5. Electronic Flyers

If you have an email distribution list, why not take the opportunity to distribute an e-flyer to your existing contacts? Provided that you have their permission to send out promotional materials, e-flyers are one of the cheapest ways to distribute your message to more people. Paper flyers and electronic flyers alike should have attractive graphics and your company logo prominently displayed for maximum impact. Many quality companies provide services for graphic design in Sydney and some even incorporate these with printing and distribution services.

6. Professional Distribution Company

Using a professional distribution company can take the guess work out of distributing promotional materials and save you a lot of time. Rather than being limited to one or two channels, these companies can help you make use of every single distribution channel available.

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