5 Promotional Ideas for Your Business

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Marketing and promotion is a must for all businesses. These are some easy and effective ways in which you can promote your business and boost your brand recognition.

1. Establish an Online Presence

A good website gives customers the preliminary information needed to generate curiosity in your product. It can build interest and brand awareness with useful content and stylish artwork. When it comes to graphic design Sydney has a range of providers but it’s important to take the time to find an experience graphic designer who can meet your creative and budgetary needs.

Establishing an online presence is essential, regardless of your industry type. It allows you to be found, lets customers access useful information, and gives you more control over your brand, image, and reputation. Once your site is up, you can theoretically reach an unlimited audience. You can also test products and capture information about your customers. You can start by registering a domain name, then finding a website designer and a website hosting provider.

2. Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (“SEO”) makes sure that your website is listed high up in search engine results for particular keywords. Given that studies have found that over 90 per cent of internet users use search engines to find products and businesses, SEO has become a must-do for any organisation that wants to be noticed.

3. Advertising

There are a variety of ways to advertise, both online and offline. Other than traditional advertising (e.g., radio, TV, and newspapers), which can be costly, a good way to get boost your brand awareness is by providing digital and hard copy sources that people can pass around. Poster and flyer printing is inexpensive. Having your logo, web address, and other business details on stationery, business cards, and signage is a great way to boost recognition.

Free advertising ideas:

  • Classified service ads online. Lots of city or industry specific sites allow businesses to list their businesses in the directories for free.
  • Social media. Social media can generate exponential levels of interest in your business. However, it’s often a good idea to get a professional consultant plan out your social media strategy as it can be quite tricky to get right.
  • Use online forums. Providing free advice and useful information is a popular way of promotion products and services. See more about selling yourself as an expert below.

4. Sell Yourself as an Expert

Give value to customers by selling yourself as an expert. When you’re giving valuable information, it’s easy to hold the customer’s attention while simultaneously building your credibility, business reputation, and brand awareness.

  • Post informational articles online, on your own and other free websites that accept article submissions.
  • Submit articles, stories, and case studies to local magazines and papers. Don’t forget to add a personal description and mention your business or product.
  • Participate on online forums and interact with people seeking information related to your industry. Lots of sites will allow you to link your business website with your posts.
  • Provide free reports or monthly newsletters.
  • Volunteer yourself for a good cause using your expertise.

5. Use Promotions

Many businesses hold regular specials to capture attention for one reason – it works. From coffee coupons to discount vouchers, special promotions builds a sense of opportunity for the customer. You can make it clear to the customer that they are receiving special treatment, getting something for free, or making a tangible saving.

Ideas for promotions:

  • Free shipping specials. Offering free shipping for orders over a fixed amount is an effective way of generating interest.
  • Coupons. For example, customers receive a free item after the tenth purchase.
  • Monthly Specials. You might choose to significantly discount your products or services for one day per month.
  • Membership Discounts. VIP Membership can be made conditional on minimum purchase amount per year.

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