5 Ideas for Generating Publicity for a Business or Event

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Generating publicity and raising brand awareness is an important priority of many businesses. Use these five creative yet practical ideas to build on your existing marketing and promotion strategy.

1. Distribute Promotional Materials

Promotional materials such as flyers, brochures, and posters are useful and effective for both niche and general marketing campaigns. Distribution is as important as design, and some organisations are able to include distribution with their flyer printing service to make the process easier for you.

  • General marketing. With this strategy you’ll be looking to get your flyers or brochures out to as many people as possible.
  • Niche marketing. For niche markets, you’ll want to use a mailing list or carefully select the type of locations in which to distribute or place your materials.

2. Create a Press Kit

For some industries, creating a press kit makes it easy for members of the press to feature your business and products. A press or media kit contains all the information the media will need to generate coverage or reports about your business and its products. In turn, this can lead to free publicity for your product. Press kits can feature professionally designed brochures or flyers for extra appeal.

Making a kit available on your website ensures accuracy and ease of access for anyone who might want to find out more about your company.

  • Business facts and mission statement;
  • History;
  • Products or services;
  • Biographies;
  • News;
  • Company logo;
  • Brochures;
  • Photos;
  • Past media coverage and featured stories; and
  • Potential story ideas for the press.

Including a standard business logo can assist with graphic elements of press stories. Professional graphic design in Sydney and around Australia is the best way to obtain a professional-looking logo.

3. Tell a Story

Getting creative with any type of marketing material is the best way to engage people. Telling a story is a powerful way to create immediate interest. You can feature these stories as a brochure in themselves or add them to the end of information brochrues and web copy. Whether it’s a speech, a letter, your website copy, a promotional video, or an interview, be sure to present a story that has popular appeal.

For example, extended testimonials are a great way to set up a story. Stories that grip the listener or reader will usually follow a set structure:

  • Set up the problem. What’s the challenge or issue?
  • Present the solution. How does the product or service add value and how did it solve the problem? How was the product used to overcome the challenge? Use this stage to demonstrate your organisation’s expertise or the effectiveness of your product and service.

4. Work with Partners

Working with partners to cross promote is another way to generate publicity and awareness of your business.

  • Choose the right partners by making sure that their product or service is complementary to your own.
  • Commit to cross promoting your businesses. A linked logo on their website, business cards, or flyers in their offices can help establish trust and credibility.

5. Follow the Bread Crumbs

Following the bread crumbs means taking a responsive approach to marketing. Look at the trends within your business, figure out where the potential for more growth may lie, and adapt your marketing strategy accordingly.

For example, if you’ve experience a recent surge in a specific product or product line, follow the signs for further investigation. This could mean discovering a new niche area that’s ripe for direct marketing or for working with new partners in that area for promotional activities.

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