5 High Impact Print Marketing Ideas for Businesses

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Printing marketing remain one of the most effective and personable ways of marketing goods and services. With quality signage, card, and flyer printing services, printed materials can deliver an immediate and intangible message about your product. It can also be the best way to ensure that the potential customer receives and keeps a memento of your organisation for later. These are five high impact print marketing options to consider for your business.

1. Signage

If you’re in an areas with lots of traffic, you could be wasting what would otherwise be highly valuable free advertising space. Depending on your business and industry type, a large banner outside your premises could generate lots of interest and help establish a sense of presence by allowing potential customers to know where you’re based.

The importance of good signage extends beyond your premises. For companies that regularly participate in trade shows, fairs, or other business events, effective signage can raise your profile and create lots of new leads simply by making you more visible. Options such as backlit prints, vinyl, and traditional prints mean that there’s a type of signage or banner to suit any business.

2. Business Cards

Business cards never go out of fashion. The business card is an essential tool among your print marketing arsenal. In this small rectangle of (usually) 8.9 cm X 5.1 cm, there’s infinite potential for personalisation, providing useful information, and for making sure your business or service is memorable.

While design allows personalisation, variations on the function of business cards are also possible. Business cards can contain coupon codes, discount vouchers, QR codes, or even games and puzzles.

3. Stationery

While the effect is usually subtle, professional looking business stationery enhances your organisation’s image and boosts your credibility. An attractive letterhead with your contact details can serve a practical purpose by simply making it easier for customers to find and contact you when they need to.

Good graphics such as a memorable business logo, can boost your brand awareness. Some companies that provide services for graphic design in Sydney can assist you with both design and printing of your marketing materials.

4. Brochures

Brochures serve a very real purpose: to inform and persuade potential customers about your product. While signage, business cards, and stationery are geared toward having people notice your business, brochures provide more information, though in a succinct manner. A good brochure will not only tell the reader about your product, if it does its job, it’ll launch them toward taking action, whether it’s to connect, obtain more information, or making a purchase.

5. Posters

Posters are specially designed to deliver information about an event, a product, or service in a single glance. As such, they rely on strong headlines, less content, and plenty of graphical impact. Great posters should stand out in a sea of other posters, so original graphics will go a long way in getting your message out.

6. Branded Freebies

Branded freebies are a wonderful way to boost awareness of your product or organisation. Stickers, post-it notes, wall wobblers, and fridge magnets are just some of the ways to make sure your marketing materials continues to retain effectiveness for a long time.

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