5 Creative Banner Displays

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Banners bring a festive and celebratory mood to any space. With modern digital printing methods, banners look better than ever. Lightweight and mobile, banners are a wonderful way to capture attention to your business. Business card and flyer printing businesses can usually help you with your banner design and printing needs. Here are five creative banner ideas to get you started.

Building Banners

Large building banners are used by a diverse range of organisations. For example, check next time you drive past your local car dealership area and it’s a safe bet to assume that there’ll be one or two banners, flying proudly in the wind as they announce specials and sales discounts.

Museums and galleries also make use of banners to announce new collections and exhibitions. In central business districts you’ll often see large building banners than span the height of many storeys. They tend to be advertisements for any type of product or company but typically they are ads for clothing, luxury brand items, cars, or real estate developments.

There’s no reason why you can’t use a building banner for your business. The target audience is usually those driving by. A great building banner will improve your brand awareness, especially if your building is situated on a busy corner site with plenty of traffic.

Storefront and Restaurant

Restaurant and storefront banners tell customers what you’re offering in a single glance. Whether placed indoors or outdoors, they can enhance the atmosphere and help you build brand visibility. Many restaurants with alfresco or outdoor dining areas make great use of banners to attract the attention of would-be diners, and to highlight lunch or dinner specials.

For any retail space or restaurant, capturing local pedestrian traffic forms an important part of their marketing strategy. In a great proportion of cases, consumers decide where to eat or shop on a whim. Keeping your message tight and succinct and using effective graphics is a proven way to draw clients to your shopfront. When using graphic design Sydney offers a wide range of providers, so be sure to find a designer who can cater to both your design and printing needs.


Tradeshows are very useful for those in specialist industries to connect with others. They are also useful for getting in touch with retail customers or final users. Banners are a must for helping your exhibition display stand out. Designed well, they encapsulate key selling points of your products, built brand recognition, and together with your presence at tradeshows, allow customers to know that you’re serious about your product.

Vehicle Banners

Vehicles are another creative place to use banners. Printed or detached, you can maximise available avenues of free advertising by simply having them on your vehicles, though detached banners tend to provide more flexibility. Studies have shown that mobile billboards are many times more effective than traditional outdoor advertising and have a very high recall rate.

Special Event Banners

Banners can prove very useful for special events such as grand openings, new product releases, or sales and special product promotions. Large banners, placed in highly visible positions outside your office or shop can generate a lot of buzz and interest. At a more practical level, they also let the customer know exactly where you are. Put banners up ahead of sales periods or special events to helping customers with planning and raise attendance levels.

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