4 Tips For A Powerful Business Logo

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A distinctive and appealing business logo is one of the easiest and most effective ways to boost your organisational awareness. Most businesses use a logo to enhance recall and awareness, thereby boosting brand recognition and reputation. Follow these four practical steps for heightening your business profile.

1. Designing for Versatility

Consulting a professional graphic designer is often the best way to obtain the right logo. Some service providers for graphic design in Sydney are also able to take care of printing requirements at the same time.

  • Icon. The icon is your logo’s key focal point and probably the most important aspect of your logo. Most logos are fairly minimalist since intricate logos may lose detail when resized. Simplicity also supports better visual recognition.
  • Logotype. The logotype is the name or lettering of your business and is often set into the logo itself.
  • Slogan. Not all logos incorporate a slogan, but it can be useful in some instances. Slogans should be succinct and relatively easy to match with the icon.
  • Colours. Your choice of colours will help your logo stand out, boost its aesthetic appeal, and help people remember your brand.
  • Values and Personality. It helps if you choose a logo that’s highly distinctive and has the effect of communicating a distinctive personality or brand values.
  • Credibility. Aim to establish credibility, authority, and build trust with the design and use of your logo.
  • Symmetry and Visual Cues. Your logo can be used to communicate subconscious messages about your business. A 2010 study by staff at the Rotterdam School of Management indicated that people associated symmetrical logos with ethical and socially responsible behaviour. What do you want to express about your brand?
  • Durability. You’ll be using your logo for the foreseeable future on your website, stationery, and possibly even your vehicles and building, so design for versatility, adaptability, and long term appeal.

2. Using Logos in Social Media

You probably already use your logo on your website but your logo can also be used on social media sites to impact recognition and client perceptions of your business.

  • Use a professional looking and appealing logo to establish authenticity on your social media pages.
  • Make sure the logo is of an appropriate size and picture sharpness – blurry or logos that are mismatched in size can make your pages look untidy or unprofessional.
  • Using your business logo across platforms drives recognition. If your logo is used consistently in a number of different sites and marketing materials, it creates a feeling of trust and reliability.

3. Business Logos on Stationery

When it comes to logos, repetition is the key to building acceptance and trust. Stationery is a great indirect marketing device, and there’s no such thing as too often when using logo on stationery. Envelopes, letterheads, business cards, folders, sticks, and ‘with compliments’ slips – these are effective ways to tell your customer that your business is authentic and is here to stay.

Other than stationery, your business logo should be clearly positioned on any promotional materials such as flyers and posters. Stationery flyer printing services can ensure that the use of logos on your stationery and promotional materials is uniform and harmonious.

4. Other Uses for Your Business Logo

There might be many other uses for your business logo that you haven’t considered.

  • Vehicles. If you have a fleet for your organisation, make use of these vehicles. You may choose to simply have your logo printed on the door or to have your slogan and contact details included as well.
  • Banners. Banners are a great place to splash for your business logo. Banners can be used for promotion, special events or hung outside your premises to highlight your business.

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