3 Creative Ways To Signpost Your Business

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Promotional materials, such as business cards and flyers, are commonly used to build brand awareness and connect with customers. With the help of professional business card and flyer printing services, you can maximise the visual impact of your cards. These are three easy and creative ways to differentiate your business from the competition when using business cards and other promotional materials.

1. Business Card Swaps

Get your organisation known with business card swaps. Business card swaps means you enter into an informal agreement with other businesses to display each other’s business cards in a prominent area where it will be seen by customers. Usually, this includes the reception areas of restaurants, medical clinics, or any other type of office or business. Swap partners have an obligation to make sure cards are clearly displayed and not lost in a sea of cards or accidentally concealed by floral arrangements.

Swaps create an immediate sense of familiarity, and the act of displaying it suggests credibility or a personal recommendation to existing clients of the business.

If you don’t know many other businesses to swap cards with, try connecting with other interested parties online. Otherwise, you can try approaching businesses directly and offering them a card swap. There’s no limit to the number of businesses you should leave your materials with — the more the better.

Make sure the businesses are local enough to justify customer’s interest in your business. In most cases, you’ll probably also want to avoid swapping cards with people in the same product or service category as yourself for obvious reasons. For example, there’s no point swapping cards with businesses in another city, or with competitors.

The swap principle isn’t confined to business cards — as long as you’re sure they will be used, swap posters, flyers, shelf wobblers, or any sort of promotion materials which will fit into a reception area. You can even agree to send out each others brochures with your own newsletter or brochure mail outs.

2. Give it Utility

An attractive and professional business card, brochure, or flyer is a great first step to signposting your business, but you can also boost customer’s interest by giving your card or flyer utility. Customers are more likely to hang on to something they will use. Examples include fridge magnets, stickers, bookmarks, year-view calendars, post-it notes, or notepads.

You can heighten the impact of these promotional materials by giving your existing letterhead a makeover with the help of a graphic designer, as your old logo may look better with some adjustment. When it comes to graphic design Sydneyprovides a range of choices, so look around carefully. Using a company that can integrate the design and printing side of the process will save you time and money.

3. A Business Card or Coupon?

A wonderful way to capture immediate interest and bring in the business is to make your business card (or flyer etc) a coupon as well. If the coupon is printed on the reverse side, bring the reader’s attention to the other side of the coupon. Offer volume discounts, flat discounts, or online-only specials. You can use different coupon codes for different areas to find out more about your customers consumption behaviour.

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